As you might expect at ME12 we are very interested in the development process and we are offering the opportunity for people to get involved and see potential products in their earliest incarnations.

With seminars, exhibits and discussions taking place you will be able to find out a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes and ask the questions that you may have always wondered about.

Understanding the earlier stages of this process can give you a far better understanding of everything behind the products we work so hard to pay for.

With everything from electronics such as mobile phone technology, computers, TV and DVD to cars and business advances we are offering the most rounded experience of 2012.

Soon we will be welcoming leaders in heat and energy technology, product design, and environmental sustainability to the European Eco-Energy Convention in Birmingham at the beginning of the New Year. The convention itself focuses on the development of new sustainable technologies to help combat climate change and reduce the global carbon footprint.

Of all participants taking part many will be supporting the use of new super-conducting aluminium for use in heating systems for both domestic and commercial premises. This newly developed material allows rapid heat transfer and so is perfect in the manufacturing of new eco efficient radiators, which promise to reduce carbon emissions further due to their low energy intake and recyclable nature.

Other participants will feature new technology showcasing how renewable energy sources can now be harnessed far more efficiently such with new supper efficient solar cells and aerodynamic wind mills.

With such huge interest it is sure to be a sell-out event so we would recommend booking your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.