Opportunities at ME 2012

If you are a budding entrepreneur with something to offer why not apply to feature at ME12.

Whether you are a local estate agents or a start-up with big ideas, you can rub shoulders with the established giants of industry, publicise your work and network with the people that can help get your product on the market.

There are only a small number of positions available so your application will have to impress us and stand out above all the others.

If you are interested in applying we need a full detailed description of your company and product which can be sent to Exhibit@momentumexpo2012.com.

Successful applicants will be invited to show a working model of their product before confirmation of their acceptance to Momentum Expo 2012.

Momentum Expo 2016 is also in the works with several great locations around London in the running from Canary Wharf to London Bridge with an excellent opportunity near the LOC Wellington location. We feel a central London location will help us to reach the right people.